St. Ursus of Aosta

This photograph of an engraving appears on many sites around the web, none of which speak to its provenance. It is the only image I know of that represents this particular version of St. Ursus. In his legend, birds sat on his shoulder because he gave them corn that he had grown himself. The pot at the bottom left presumably holds one of his plants. The staff that Ursus has pushed into the pot may be some sort of gardening tool.

The saint wears a very plain chasuble, perhaps in reference to his legend's emphasis that "Humility and mercy were always found in him, for he heeded the Savior's words, 'Blessed are the humble, blessed are the merciful.' And he was not deaf to the Apostle Paul's dictum, 'Humble yourselves under the powerful hand of God, that you may be exalted in the time of visitation'" (Acta Sanctorum, February vol. 1, 937, my translation).

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Source: Wikimedia Commons