Younger Master of the Gradual
The Annunciation

Parchment, ink, gold ground.
Page: 61 x 41 cm. (24 x 16.1 in.). Picture: approximately 20 x 17 cm. (7.9 x 6.7 in.)
MsWettFm 3, Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek, Aarau, Switzerland

Given the small space the artist has not followed the tradition of separating the two figures with spacial distance or architectural elements. Otherwise, the iconography is conventional. A dove flies in from above, representing the Holy Spirit. Mary wears blue. Her reverently veiled left hand holds a book representing her study of the law, while her right presses her breast in the gesture of humility. At her feet is the vase of flowers that references Bernard of Clairvaux's conceit on the name "Nazareth." The angel's scroll holds the the Latin of his greeting, "Hail Mary, [full of] gr[ace]."

Not present are some of the features in older and Orthodox iconography: the veil on Mary's head, the stars on her mantle, the throne, and the thread.

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Source: e-Codices, Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland