The Younger Master of the Gradual
Christ and Mary Enthroned in an Initial G

Manuscript Illumination
Volume 3 of the Wettinger Graduale, MS. MsWettFm 3, fol. 86r
Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek, Aarau, Switzerland

The text on the page contains the beginning of the hymns for the Feast of All Saints. Accordingly, saints of various kinds in the lower half gaze up to Christ and the Virgin Mary, who wear identical crowns and sit amid angels with censers. Their "throne" is merely a cloud-like meander.

At the base of the page a greyhound chases a rabbit uphill. According to a Wikipedia entry, "Rabbits and hares in art," the medieval Physiologus said that rabbits run faster uphill than down and one should learn from them to seek the things above. I do not have a copy of the Physiologus and cannot vouch for this statement about it, but if it is true the rabbit on this manuscript page could be compared to the saints in the main image, who did in fact seek and gain what is above.

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Source: e-Codices