Master of the Legend of St. Ursula
St. Veronica with the Sudarium

Oil on oak panel, 12 x 10 in. (31 x 25 cm.)
Private collection

The kerchief on Veronica's head seems modeled on the one she is exhibiting. Its left and right flourishes correspond to the gathering of the cloth in her hands, and the three visible stripes correspond to Christ's three-part floriated halo. Both are gleaming white, as in the 13th-century hymn, "Hail Holy Face of our Redeemer…impressed on a kerchief whiter than snow" (Acta Sanctorum, February vol. 1, 452).

The painting is clearly intended as an aid to meditation. Veronica's gaze directs our own to the Holy Face, which engages us directly and powerfully.

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Source: Web Gallery of Art