Carl Philipp Schilling, The Virgin Mary Enthroned

North Nave, Church of St. Blasius
Glottertal, Germany

This is one of the rare images in which Mary is enthroned without her son. It runs along the north wall of the nave. Both robe and mantle are blue, the mantle lined with ermine.

The procession of saints begins on the far left with a bishop, probably St. Blaise, the church's patron. To the right, a saint I can't identify presents a lay adult and a youth to the Virgin while before them an angel presents two boys. To the right of that group are three male saints: Bernard of Clairvaux (Cistercian habit), Anthony Abbot (Antonine habit, long beard), and Peter (keys, square beard), followed by King David with his harp and a tonsured saint. The latter seems to have a lesion in his skull like St. Peter Martyr's, but he does not wear a Dominican habit.

In the procession on the right, St. John the Baptist comes first with his attributes: a book, haloed lamb, and cross; and a camel-skin tunic. Then three female saints: one in purple, Catherine of Alexandria with her attributes (wheel, sword), and Barbara with a chalice and host. (The latter attribute is unusual. It was condemned by Molanus in the 16th century was rarely used after that.) On the far right two more children are presented by an angel while two female saints present a pair of teenage girls.

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Photographed at the church by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.