Anthony of Padua, SS. Elias of Jerusalem and Anthony Abbot

16th century
Church of St. Roch, Draguç, Croatia

St. Anthony is on the right with his long beard and tau-top staff. On the left, the scroll identifying the saint has the Latin words SAN[C]TUS ELIXEO, "Saint Elisha."

There is no "Saint Elisha," only Elisha the prophet, so it is possible that the figure on the left really represents the 5th-century Saint Elias of Jerusalem. The long beard and black headpiece are characteristic of eastern monastic saints and Saint Elias had founded a monastery in Jericho before becoming Patriarch of Jerusalem. Like St. Anthony, he was an Egyptian noted for his fidelity to orthodox doctrine at a time when the Emperor was strenuously trying to impose Monophysitism on the Church (Butler, III, 154).

The Roman Martyrology celebrates Saint Elias of Jerusalem on July 20 and the prophet Elisha on June 14.

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Artist attribution and date from Forterre, 312. Photographed at the church by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.