Pietro da Rimini (attrib.), St. Guido of Strambiati Changes Water into Wine

First third of the 14th century
Refectory of Pomposa Abbey, Codigoro, Italy

St. Guido served as abbot at Pomposa from 1008-1044. He undertook a number of reforms there and worked to assure the abbey's independence (di Francesco, 8-10, 71). The legend portrayed in the fresco celebrates his close and productive relationship with Gebeardo of Eichstatt, the Archbishop of Ravenna who protected the abbey and endowed it with many benefices and immunities (Rossi). In the fresco, Gebeardo is on the left and Guido is gesturing on the right to turn his benefactor's water into wine. The miracle is recounted in a contemporary vita (Acta Sanctorum, March vol. 3, 914).

Another fresco in the refectory portrays the saint with his crozier, but this narrative image dispenses with symbols of office and has the abbot simply wearing his Benedictine habit and tonsure and the bishop without crozier or mitre.

Saint Guido's feast day is March 31.

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Photographed at the abbey by Claire Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.