Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni, Madonna and Child with Saints

Oratory of St. John the Baptist, Urbino, Italy

On the left, St. John the Baptist wears the same red toga-like over-garment and camel-hair tunic seen in the other panels in the Oratory frescos. His scroll reads ECCE ANGU[S], a misspelled form of Ecce agnus dei ("Behold the Lamb of God," John 1:29).

The twelve small medallions in the Virgin's halo should be the twelve apostles. In the large medallion Christ bears fresh wounds in his side and right hand, and he holds a vexillum, usually a reference to the Resurrection.

The saint on the right is not identified. The four men at the with square halos are Old Testament figures. The scroll held by the one on the left reads ISAIE, that is, Isaiah. The letters that can be made out on the other scrolls do not correspond to any of the prophets to whom books of the Bible are ascribed.

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Photographed at the Oratory by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.