Lattanzio Querena
The Holy Virgin St. Marina

Church of Santa Maria Formosa, Venice, Italy

According to the Golden Legend Marina passed as a man so she could enter the local monastery. When an innkeeper's daughter became pregnant she blamed "Father Marinus" and Marina had to leave the monastery and raise the child herself in dire poverty, as pictured here.

Marina's body was brought from Lebanon to Venice in 1231. In 1818 the church in which it had lain for centuries was deconsecrated and the body was moved to Santa Maria Formosa. It now lies in a glass coffin below this painting.

The Maronites celebrate St. Marina's feast on July 17. The Roman Martyrology observes that day as the translation of St. Marina – that is, the moving of her body to Venice from Qannoubeen, Lebanon.

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Photographed at the church by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.