The Fates of the Apostles

Circa 1320-70
Stained glass
Chancel, Cathedral of St. Peter
Regensburg, Germany

The top row presents events in the life of St. Peter. Left to right: his voyage from Antioch to Rome, the chair of Peter, his release from prison in Jerusalem, and his crucifixion upside-down.

In the next row down are vignettes of St. Paul knocked from his horse, the beheading of St. James the Greater, the crucifixion of Philip, and John being boiled in oil at the Latin Gate. (St. Andrew was also martyred by crucifixion like Philip, but he is more likely the crucified person in the bottom row, where the cross is half-raised as in several other images of this saint. Also, the crucifixion in the bottom row involves a crowned person. No one fitting that description is in the story of Philip's martyrdom, but in Andrew's the action is overseen by a provost named Ægeas.)

On the third row down are, left to right, James the Less being clubbed to death, Thomas stabbed with a sword, Bartholomew being flayed, and Jude Thaddeus being clubbed.

In the bottom row the first panel on the left pictures a crowned woman being handled roughly by several men. If this is about an Apostle at all, the woman should be Ephigenia, whose conversion by St. Matthew angered her father and led to Matthew's assassination. Next is the crucifixion of Andrew, then probably Simon being "hewn." That leaves one panel and two Apostles who are not accounted for: Matthias, who was killed with an axe; or Barnabas, who was burned to death. Neither of their martyrdom stories seems to fit the panel.

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Photographed at the cathedral by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.