Juan de Peñalosa y Sandoval
The Virgin of the Rosary with St. Acisclus and St. Victoria

Circa 1615-20
Oil on canvas, 43.3 x 36.6 in. (110 x 93 cm.)
Museum of Fine Arts of Córdoba, Spain

As usual, Mary is pictured with a blue mantle over a red robe, although in this case the red is pinkish compared to St. Acisclus's vividly red cape, which expresses his status as a martyr. His sister St. Victoria's palm branch serves the same purpose, and each holds the instrument of their martyrdom: a sword for Acisclus and an arrow for Victoria.

The child is completely naked, although in this period it was more common to cover his midsection with at least a bit of cloth.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons.