Christ Enthroned

Church of St. Martin, Untergreutschach, Austria

The fresco appears to be modeled on the apse mosaic in Santa Maria in Trastevere, albeit simpler and in a smaller space. The female figure in the Trastevere composition can be identified with some confidence as Maria Ecclesia, so we may extend that identification to this image as well.

The Trastevere mosaic has a crown on the female figure but not on Christ; here Christ's crown is broad and strongly realized while Maria Ecclesia's is just a few wavy lines at the top of the veil (if indeed it is a crown at all).

The attendant figures may be virgin martyrs. Their hair is long. They carry swords, which are attributes of martyrs who died by the sword. And in their outboard hands they hold what appear to be lily stalks, commonly a symbol of virginity. However, the tunics, copes, and footwear seem more consistent with masculine, even military saints

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Source: this page at Wikimedia Commons.