Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Madonna and Child with St. Mary Magdalene and St. Dorothy

Circa 1325
Wood, 90 x 53 cm (central panel), 88 x 39 cm (side panels, each)
Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena
Origin: Convent Church of St. Petronilla, Siena

On the left, St. Mary Magdalene holds the ointment jar that is her primary attribute. The "Holy Face" on her breast is a less common feature of portraits of this saint. St. Dorothy is on the right. The flowers are her attribute, although usually she carries them in a basket, not in the fold of her garment.

In the center, the Christ Child holds a scroll that reads, BEATI PAUPERES, "blessed are the poor," from Luke 6:20. The choice of this phrase may be due to a secondary name of the church, Gli Umiliati, "the humble."

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Source: Wikimedia Commons