Quentin Massys
The Rem Triptych: Detail, central panel

Circa 1517
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

The Trinity on the left diverges somewhat from others of this type. The dove flies to the right of the Father's head, and the ensemble rests on a globe of the world, furnished with labels for the continents and countries, rather then the usual mappa mundi. The Father's triple tiara, suggesting his being the source of papal authority, is seen in some other Trinity's of this and the previous century.

On the right, the Madonna holds a naked Christ Child. In the previous century it had been common for the baby to be pictured completely naked with the genitals showing, a way of affirming his human nature. In the 16th there was a reaction to this practice: the genitals are either covered with a cloth or, as here, obscured by the pose.

The mother's garb, more often a red robe with a blue mantle, is not infrequently represented as here, with a red mantle over a blue robe.

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Source: this page at Wikimedia Commons..