The Conques Last Judgment Tympanum: Detail, the procession of saints (excepting the last four)

First in the procession is the Virgin Mary, characteristically wearing a blue mantle embroidered with stars.  Next is St. Peter in a chasuble with a key and a staff. (It is usual for St. Peter to carry two keys. Perhaps the staff is a crozier that lost its top hook at some time.) These are the only figures with haloes.

Following St. Peter is the hermit Dadon, whose cell was just a few meters from the site of the present church. He is identified by his tau-shaped hermit's staff. Next comes an abbot -- tonsured, wearing a liturgical stole, and carrying a crozier. (In the middle ages St. Foy was a Benedictine abbey church.) The abbot leads the Emperor Charlemagne forward (crown, flowering sceptre, short tunic). Behind them acolytes carry Charlemagne's gifts for the church, a reliquary and a diptych. The second acolyte carries his gift in the oriental manner, with his hands covered; but the other one carries his bare-handed.

The two figures staring straight out are hard to identify; the one on the right seems distinctly African, with broad nose and lips and tightly curled hair.

Above this scene four angels hold scrolls with the names of four virtues. The first and third have become indistinct; one book suggests that the third is CONSTANTIA, Constancy. The second and fourth are CARITAS and [H]UMILITAS -- Charity and Humility.

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Photographed at the site by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.