Hours of the Vasselin Family: David and Bathsheba

Early 16th century
Northwestern France
Illumination, Harley MS. 2969, f. 91

This page pictures the first part of the action in 2 Samuel 11:4. After sighting Bathsheba from the roof of his house, "David sent messengers, and took her, and she came in to him, and he slept with her." For this misdeed and for arranging the death of Bathsheba's husband, David was denounced by the prophet Nathan and repented. The text below the image is the opening of Psalm 6, which was believed to be his prayer of repentance: Domine, ne in furore tuo arguas me, neque in ira tua cor[ripias me], "O Lord, rebuke me not in thy indignation, nor chastise me in thy wrath."

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