Meuse Valley, circa 1150-1175
Champlevé enamel on copper gilt; 4 1/16 x 4 1/16 in. (10.3 x 10.3 cm.)
The Cloisters, New York City, 65.105

St. Peter sits between four other apostles. Another can be seen past the shoulders of the two on the right. The Virgin Mary is not in the group. The beardless young man on the far right is most likely St. John the Evangelist.

Above St. Peter the hand of the Father, seen in front of a circle with a cross in it, imparts the Holy Spirit in the form of the rays that reach down to the apostles.

The hand is labeled PATE[R], "Father"; flanking the circle that encloses it are the letters DO M’, that is, domus, "house." Along the bottom border are the letters of the word APOSTOLI, "The Apostles."

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Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art