Two Details from the Bagawat Necropolis Dome Paintings: Pharaoh's Army Perishes

The top image is a detail from the painting on the right side of the dome; the bottom image, from the painting on the left. The composition flows from right to left, starting with Pharaoh (labeled with his title in Greek, ΦAPAω) and two other riders. To their left is part of Pharaoh's infantry.

Then, in the left painting, we see the rest of Pharaoh's infantry, led by a second image of Pharaoh with the word ERΥΘPA, "Red [Sea]" over his head. Though not labeled, this image of Pharaoh can be identified by the characteristic beard. To his left, his cavalry are drowning in the sea, which is signified by the dark patch that spreads along the left half of the painting.

View the entire right side of the painting.
View the entire left side of the painting.
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Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.