Santos in Oaxaca's Ancient Churches

A study of santos in 16th-century and other churches in Oaxaca, Mexico


By Claire and Richard Stracke
Funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation

In San Juan Guelavia:

Christ fallen with the Cross
Christ in the pretorium
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
St. Nicholas Factor
Unidentified saint
Virgin and Child
Virgin Mary (1)
Virgin Mary (2)

Other santos not photographed

San Juan Guelavia
San Juan Guelavia is in the eastern part of Oaxaca's Central Valley. In 2005 its population was almost 3,000 souls. Our informant in 1991 was Sr. Florencio Hernández Martínez. Our tour will begin with the first of three santos that we examined along the north wall of the nave, the Virgin Mary.