The Martyrdom of SS. Cyprian and Justina

The saints pray in a vat of boiling fluids, attended on the right by Count Eutolmius in a fur robe, his cousin Terentius in a red hat, and Athanasius in a green robe. The latter thought he could show the power of the gods by entering the vat himself. Unfortunately, as soon as he approached the fire it leapt out and destroyed him.1

This image appears on Wikimedia Commons without any information regarding author or date. The Count's round fur hat was part of the uniform of hussars in the 18th century, and the tricorne hats worn by the other two pagans are characteristic of the 18th century in the west, so that is most likely the era in which the image was painted.

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Source: this page at Wikimedia Commons.


1 Acta Sanctorum, September vol. 7, 243-44. Also see, without the names of Terentius and Athanasius, this section of the Golden Legend's account.