Master of Codex 167, Saints Braulio of Zaragoza and Isidore of Seville

Second half of the 10th century
Manuscript illustration on parchment, 13.3 x 11.4 in. (33.8 x 29 cm.)
Einsiedeln Abbey Library (Switzerland)

Braulio was a disciple and friend of Isidore who collaborated on some of his works. As bishop of Zaragoza he is pictured with a pallium (the white object hanging from his shoulders) and a crozier. Neither he nor Isidore wears a mitre, which was not worn outside of Rome until the 11th century (Catholic Encyclopedia, s.v. "Mitre").

Both men are labeled E¯PS for episcopus, "bishop," but Isidore's image does not put him in episcopal vestments. Instead he is pictured as a scribe, with a pen in one hand and a pen knife (for erasures) in the other.

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Source: The Yorck Project via this page at Wikimedia Commons.