Isaac and Rebecca: The Iconography
Isaac is seen most often in "Abraham and Isaac" images taken from Genesis 22. For these, see my page on Abraham. Also popular in medieval art is the ruse by which Jacob gained the blessing of his father Isaac, discussed in my page on Jacob.

The ruse was devised by Isaac's wife Rebecca, who was chosen for him by Abraham's steward Eliezer. This episode is pictured in a few images such as this one:
On the left Rebecca waters Eliezer's camels at the well of Nahor in Aram. On the right, she travels to the Negev to meet Isaac, her husband-to-be.

Prepared in 2019 by Richard Stracke, Emeritus Professor of English, Augusta University.


Simonelli, Rebecca Receives Gifts from Eliezer. (See the description page.)

A mosaic sequence in Monreale Cathedral: Eliezer sees Rebecca at the well; they travel together to meet Isaac (See the description page.)

A dome painting in an Egyptian cave. (See the description page.)