The Imprisonment and Freeing of Adeodato

St. Michael Altarpiece, Church of St. Nicholas, Burgos, Spain

A brief guidebook provided by the church identifies this segment of the altarpiece as the imprisonment and freeing of "St. Adeodato." There is no "St.Adeodato" in any of my sources. Watkins's book with over 10,000 saints lists seven named "Deodatus" and five named "Deusdedit." Of these only an abbot named "Deusdedit of Montecassino" (feast day October 9) is said to have been imprisoned. He is note covered in the Acta Sanctorum. A Pope Deusdedit is also known as Adeodatus and has a vita in the Acta Sanctorum (November, vol. 3, 833-34). But there is nothing in that vita about imprisonment nor any episode that would correspond to the Burgos panels.

Photographed at the church by Richard Stracke, shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.