The Old Testament Mosaics in the Nave of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

In the 5th century 43 mosaics were installed along the right and left walls of the nave of the basilica. Most have survived, albeit with occasional restorations. A few have been entirely replaced. All but the first of the 22 scenes on the right follow a chronological order, from Moses to Rehoboam, but several of the 21 on the left violate chronological order. Scholars have proposed various thematic relationships that might account for this ordering.

Mosaics on the Left (counting back from the chancel): Mosaics on the Right (counting back from the chancel):
  1. The Sacrifice of Melchizedek
  2. The Hospitality of Abraham
  3. Abraham and Lot Part Ways
  4. Destruction of Sodom (mosaic now lost)
  5. Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca (mosaic now lost)
  6. Isaac's Blessing of Jacob
  7. Jacob's Dream
  8. Jacob Flees to Laban
  9. Jacob Serves Laban for Seven Years
  10. Jacob Marries Rachel
  11. Jacob and Laban Divide the Flocks
  12. Jacob Leaves Mesopotamia
  13. Jacob Is Told of Joseph's Death
  14. Jacob's Meeting with Esau
  15. The Sacrifice of Isaac
  16. Jacob Told of The Rape of Dinah
  17. Jacob Punishes the Rape of Dinah
  18. Elijah and Elisha
  19. Daniel in the Lion's Den
  20. The Fall of Zedekiah
  21. Jacob Wrestles with the Angel
  1. Moses Receives the Commandments (mosaic now lost)
  2. The Young Moses
  3. Moses in Midian
  4. Moses Confronts Pharaoh (mosaic now lost)
  5. Moses Tells the Israelites of God's Plan (mosaic now lost)
  6. Moses Explains the Law of Passover (mosaic now lost)
  7. Moses: Crossing the Red Sea
  8. Moses: The Manna and the Quails
  9. Moses: Waters of Marah; Attack of the Amalekites
  10. Moses: Battle with the Amalekites
  11. Moses Rebuked by the People
  12. Moses' Death and Burial
  13. Joshua: The Israelites Enter the Promised Land
  14. Joshua: Rahab the Prostitute
  15. Joshua: The Taking of Jericho
  16. Joshua: The Destruction of Ai
  17. Joshua: The Defeat of the Amorites
  18. The Sun Stands Still for Joshua
  19. The Execution of the Amorite Kings
  20. David Leads the Ark into Jerusalem
  21. Solomon's Temple
  22. Rehoboam and the Division of the Kingdom