Friedrich Pacher, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Francis of Assisi

Tempera on pine panel, 54.5 x 93.5 cm.
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

The early portraits of St. Anthony of Padua lack the sentimentality that creeps in after the 16th century. Indeed, in this case he is pictured as a quite severe religious. St. Francis on his left also lacks the softness of later portraits.

St. Anthony was said to have preached to some fish, so the artist has used three fish as his attribute. St. Francis is identified by the stigmata, the wounds in his hands and side.

This panel is one half of a predella. A line of small painted panels at the bottom of an altarpiece The text designates the donors, Thaman Kraft and Kristof Kramer.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons