Hungarian Saints

Oil on canvas
Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Győr, Hungary

On the left is St. Adalbert of Prague, patron saint of the diocese of Esztergom in Hungary. The spears in his right hand are his attribute, referring to his martyrdom at the hands of a mob of pagans that attacked him with spears. Next to him is St. Martin of Tours, identified by the beggar at his feet. Though he was bishop of Tours, France, St. Martin was born in what is now Szombathely, Hungary, and has been regarded as one of the patron saints of the Hungarian kingdom (Năstăsoiu, 101).

On the right side are St. Stanislas, a king of Hungary whose attribute is a battle-axe, and St. Emeric with his attribute, the stalk of lilies. Emeric was the son of the St. Stephen I of Hungary.

Both shields are inscribed PATRONA HUNGARIÆ, "Patron Saint [feminine] of Hungary," and both appear to feature the Madonna and Child. Their different color clothing may perhaps have some significance.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons