The Virgin Mary: The Iconography
The number and variety of images of the Virgin Mary is surpassed only by those of Jesus. The following pages cover the iconography of Mary's life and portraiture.
  1. Birth, Childhood, Marriage
  2. The Annunciation
  3. The Visitation
  4. The Birth of Jesus
  5. The Circumcision of Jesus
  6. The Purification
  7. The Adoration of the Magi
  8. The Flight into Egypt
  9. The Dormition
  10. The Assumption
  11. The Coronation
  12. Portraits of Mary

Prepared in 2016 by Richard Stracke, Emeritus Professor of English, Augusta University


The Ortho­dox icon of the Vir­gin Ho­de­ge­tria is the start­ing point from which many Cath­olic art­ists de­vel­oped im­ages of the Ma­don­na and Child. (See the de­scrip­tion page.)